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非主流个性英文网名youproducts of inferior

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that you have bought some of those fake goods

or products of inferior quality.

http://www.kuhua.netNeedless to say,

fake commodities have already done

great harm to our society. On the one hand,

they will ruin the good reputation of genuine

products and disturb the balance of the market.

On the other hand, the prevalence of such products

commodities? To start with, the government n

eeds to tighten its inspection program and strengthe

n its enforcement policies.非主流个性英文网名 Secondly, honest business

t the protection of their intellectual property right.

Most important of all, we consumers will have to do a better

has hindered interpersonal relationship and resulted in the

decline of public morality. As a consequence,

they have wasted exhaustible resources,

endangered people’s precious life and health,

and in the long run eroded public trust.

Then, what should be done to do away with fake

ob of learning how to distinguish between the

genuine and the phoney and definitely say no to the fake ones.




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